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Course Features

We believe that there is more to online education than just video conferencing and lecture delivery.
Live Lectures
Tune in to lectures in real-time and have the opportunity to maximise learning with student-teacher interaction.
Class Recordings
Missed a lecture? Not to worry! All classes are recorded and made accessible to students for viewing at a later time.
Supplementary Videos
Have access to specialised guidance videos with tips and tricks on how to prepare for exams.
Digital Notes
Have access to all notes made by the teacher himself!
Past Papers Practice
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Worksheets and Quizzes
If you’re tired of past papers and want to test your knowledge, access to additional testing material is available.
Q/A Sessions
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Online Community
Be a part of a community dedicated to your class – where you can interact with your classmates and teachers, and get help 24/7.
One-on-One Support
Need a bit of extra help? The Circle offers additional one-on-one support for all students that need it.

What some of our students have to say.

Sir Zain is an extremely passionate teacher who makes learning computer science engaging for everyone. His teaching strategies for A Level Computer Science are highly effective, and his approach ensures that students master each specification of the course. He also sharpened our problem-solving skills by giving us fun open-ended tasks. Even today, I regularly apply the innovative problem-solving techniques that he taught us in my professional life.

Abdul A. K.

Cedar College

Sir Bilal is so much more than a teacher. That man is in it for the benefit of his students, he really values good education and understands what it means to shape young minds. I always enjoyed his classes, they were always fun to attend because of his energy! You could tell how much thought and effort he put into his notes, to make them easier and more fun for students to study from. He’s a huge inspiration to me - he regularly pushed me to pursue what he recognised as my talent way before I did. Sir Bilal was always supportive and encouraging, and his genuine passion for good education for everyone is evident in his attempts at making it available to a much wider audience.

Ayesha J.

Cedar College

Throughout our lives we come across multiple teachers but there are a few that are remembered for lifetime. Dr. Zahra is such a person to me. She is extremely helpful. Her classes are well planned and her notes are organized and detailed. She compiles past paper questions topically and work through them for us. This material is not available online and is crucial for our preparation. She answers our queries as many times as we ask from different perspectives and makes sure that our concepts are crystal clear and we are exam ready too. I think this is what makes her the best.

Rahatil Janat

From lows to highs, helping me through my tough times; celebrating my victories and always pushing me to do my best no matter what– Sir Nausher has guided me through it all, believing in me more than anyone else has. From Bs and Cs in 10th grade, to A*s and As in my O level exams; from feeling ridiculously hopeless at life, to learning to appreciate the little things– the truth is, right with my parents, I owe everything to him.

Iman N.

Beaconhouse College

I am not a student - not a teacher either - just a lifelong learner - I am a fifty year old who is just starting her empty nest syndrome - I decided to study my A levels again along with world history biology economics and anything else that grabbed my attention - I came across your site alongside with khan academy etc and just started learning all over again - anyway the reason I’m messaging is to congratulate you on a wonderful site - keep up the excellent work - I did my A levels over thirty years ago and had an amazing teacher - she gave me a life long love for the subject - you rekindled that - can’t praise you enough - I have been looking through many programs and you ticked all the boxes - again well done 

Roosheiba F.

Alt Academy

Throughout our lives we are taught by multiple teachers but there are always a few that are remembered for lifetime. No doubt, Sir Zain Merchant is one of them for me. A teacher even has responsibilities outside the classroom apart from the curriculum and not everyone manages to fulfil them. Sir Zain has been one of those teachers who acted more as a mentor and friend rather than a typical teacher. Maintaining a healthy and friendly relation with the students, supporting them outside your comfort zone and continuously trying to improve are a few qualities I have seen in him. Learning from him has been an enriching experience and I look forward to have more teachers like him im future.

Faraz A.

Cedar College

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